The temperature finally cooled off and we had rain…Oregon is back. I am finally moving the studio to Golden Road and cannot wait to get it set up and start working there. Martin Conley has started moving things into the garage where he will do some wood sculpture, we actually have a garage door now so that is a plus. Hard to believe there was no door. I still marvel at that….where did they store things they did not want anyone to see or take? It does have a full basement but still….a mystery.

The website is underway and if you are reading this it must be up and running. My work is unorganized…but then we cannot be good at everything and step by step organization is not my strength. I will miss seeing my friends at Sequoia Gallery in downtown Hillsboro every day, but will still be a part of the gallery and will still go to board meetings every month and help with projects. A non-profit that is all volunteer run is a never ending energy drain, but I think it is worth it.

Waterstone Gallery is my home gallery in Portland, it began in 1992 as an artist owned gallery and I have been part of it since the beginning. I am looking forward to getting the painters and sculptors out to the new studio to make some prints. It will be fun for them and I am a pretty good teacher. My next exhibit there is coming up in March so I need to get busy.

I have moved my printmaking studio to Golden Road…the packing was long and tiring…who knew I had so much stuff and that it was so heavy? The movers ran down the stairs…I feel older that I did a week ago! We are putting things away and organizing the studio. I have a bigger press coming and hope it will fit through the door…late October is the date for moving it so with luck it will fit.

We have all new windows and a new fridge and stove, and lots of Gorilla racks for storage.
The electrician has ripped out most of the wiring and replaced it and the plumber is coming to add a bathroom to the downstairs….things are happening. I still need a concrete person to build a stairway into the basement from the yard. We not only need to be able to get out but to get things in easily and the narrow stairway from the kitchen is just not going to cut it.

I am ready to work and actually did a bit yesterday…so a red letter day. Work in the new studio has begun.